Our 200L automatic liquid filling machine has been praised by Taiwan’s Total customers

GSS lube oil filling machine

GSS company produced 200L automatic filling machine in our petrochemical material filling production operations within 1 year, the machine operation is stable, canned materials accurate and efficient, improve our material filling production efficiency, saving the company’s production costs, GSS® is a reliable and long-term partner.


GSS®-Liquid Filling Machine Manufacturer

Hi, I am Anita, General Manager of GSS and an expert in the liquid chemical filling machine industry for over 20 years, I wish to share my experience in the field.GSS is a leading liquid chemical filling machinery manufacturer, We can provide you with a one-stop OEM/ODM solution for all your 1-2500L liquid chemical filling equipment requirements. If you have any kind of inquiries, freely reach me, I will try my best to provide you with good guidance and solution.

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