GAF-10 Series Filling Machine – Gas Seal/ Anti-Dust

Applicable materials:

Applicable to liquid materials, such as hydrides, which must be kept clean or at ultra-low temperature during filling

Operation Process

Power on — Put barrel onto weight platform manually, fast positioning and mouth aligning — System detects barrel and nozzle inserts into barrel mouth automatically — Auto tare deduction — Filling nozzle and ball valve set open and start filling automatically — Large/medium/small flow control and three shifts filling — .each the target weight and the nozzle rise above the barrel mouth — anual capping and stacking — Filling finished

Product Details:

Main features:

  • The nozzle head is with nitrogen filling interlayer and filled in dry and condensate gas to form gas seal
  • With acrylic shield to effectively prevent the impact of external dust on materials
  •  The whole machine is of SUS304, surface with polishing treatment, corrosion resistance, pretty and durable

Main Parameter:

Power: AC110V~380V 50/60HZ 0.2kw
Speed:120~180 barrels/Hr
Air:0.5~0.7 Mpa
Accuracy:≤0.05% F.S.
Fill Range:1~10kg
Fill Head Material: SUS304/316/PTFE (Optional)
Division:5g / 10g
Ex Grade: ExdllBT6

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